Yesterday did a 24 minute bodyweight workout (3 x 7 minute workout). See video. Here are the exercises I did, all for 30 seconds each:

Jumping jacks
wall sit
abdominal crunches
chair step-ups
chair triceps dips
high knees running in place
push-ups with ortation
side planks
cross jacks
tabletop lifts
staggered arm push-ups
toe touch crunch
mountain climbers
reverse lunge
single leg triceps dips
plank leg lifts
plie squats
shoulder tap push-ups
marching hip raise
blast off push-up
side lunge
pike push-up
russian twist
high knee shuffle
squat jacks
plank ups
ski jumps
lunge with rotation
single-leg push-ups
side plank with reach under

Later in the day, I did another quick workout:

50 ab crunches with raised legs
Lat machine: 50kg, 9 reps (slow)
12 minutes cycling until I hit 170 bpm (heart beats per minute)

Foodwise, here’s what I ate:

5:50 am: Quinoa with lentils, spinach and salt

8:31 am: 1 slice of white bread with lots of butter and cherry jam 😅

white bread with cherry jam and butter

9:14 am: 1 scoop of protein powder with water (Optimum Nutrition Whey Gold Standard)

10:15 a cup of black coffee

12:00 an iced latte with sugar

13:20 Curry Ramen

16:00 A chocolate protein shake (sweetened with Stevia)

18:50 Pork trotters with a bit of white rice23:30 A bottle of kefir

So obviously today wasn’t my best day foodwise. Major sidesteps where the white brad with jam and butter. Also ate very late, and went to bed late (after midnight), and that’s never good for me. However, slept quite peacefully so that was good.

Also good a nice oil massage today to soothe my sore muscles, that felt so good.

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