First thing: I didn’t really have any major DOMS after yesterday’s workout. Which surprised me, especially the fact that I’m not feeling it in my deltoids. I would have really expected it the way I felt after the Delt Door Jammers—that exercise really gave my delts a good burn while doing them. Followed by pike push-ups until failure?! C’mon how come my shoulders aren’t all DOMS’ed out right now?

The only place where I’m feeling it is my quads, glutes and hamstrings. And my lats (or rhomboids? Can’t really tell). So what does this mean? What’s the actionable insight I can take away from this? NEXT TIME PUSH FUCKING HARDER! Stop holding back, stop being overcautious, and push yourself a bit further.

Now today it’s REST & RECOVERY DAY. So no workout. Give my muscles some time to recover before I’m going after them again tomorrow.

Foodwise, here’s what I ate:

Started out good with a healthy smoothie.

Then some spinach and black beans.

A spoonful of almond butter.

A drink (pea protein powder with white bean milk).

A dimsum orgy with the wife.

3 slices of a very small pizza.

Not a great day foodwise, but could have been worse.

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