Capsaicin Foods: Unleashing the Fitness Power of Spice

red chili packed with capsaicin

What if I told you there’s an unsung hero in your kitchen that could take your fitness journey to the next level? I’m not talking about your go-to protein powder or those chia seeds you forgot you had. I’m talking about capsaicin, the fiery compound that’s about to revolutionize your workouts and your meal prep. … Read more

Zone 2 training

I’ve been practicing Zone 2 training for just about 2 weeks now. 65 minutes on the elliptical every day, and I’ve been doing 6 days per week. Oct 2: 65 minutes. I always keep breathing through my nose. I set the elliptical to level 10, and yesterday I set it to level 11 for the … Read more

The Killer Workout Never Ends

Here’s one thing that I needed to really learn about working out: It’s not something that you do to a certain point where you’ve accomplished a certain goal, and then you stop. The only real killer workout is the one that you forever bake into your life, and you never stop doing it. Just like … Read more

Pre-workout motivation

Sometimes you just need a little nudge to push you over the edge of comfort. Something that lessons the gravity of not exercising, so you get your ass in motion. You need a good bit of pre-workout motivation! Here are some pre-workout motivation videos, ranked by the ones I find work best for me personally. … Read more

If others can, so can you

In his latest blog post, Seth Godin wrote that “if someone knows how to do something, that means, with sufficient effort, you could probably learn it too.” – Learnable The same is true for fitness. If other people have gotten fit, so can you. Now yes, there are limitations to this. If you’re 37 years … Read more