Can Creatine Cause Kidney Stones?

athletic man drinking creatine shake

Look, every few months, some headline screams that creatine is the devil’s powder, destined to turn your kidneys into a geological exhibit. It’s like a bad movie sequel that nobody asked for but keeps getting made. So, let’s set the record straight: Creatine does not cause kidney stones. Period. In this article, we’re not just … Read more

Can You Take Creatine While Cutting? Here’s What The Science Says (In Simple Words)

box of creatine with a bodybuilder in the cutting phase holding back

Ah, the age-old fitness dilemma: how to lose that pesky fat without saying goodbye to your hard-earned muscles. It’s like trying to keep your cake and eat it—only this time, the cake is made of protein and sweat. Supplements often come to the rescue in this Herculean task, but there’s one that’s always up for … Read more